School Rules

The school will open 30 minutes before the class and for the early mornings, 15 minutes before. We close 30 minutes after the last class.

The classes start on time and there is no late entry. Please be at the school on time to change and get on your mat for the start time.

We have private changing cubicles with curtains and private showers to make the largest number of students as comfortable as possible. Consider the planet and the queue behind you while in the showers to help us keep this system working.

If a class has low attendance we might move it to a smaller space. While the school is entirely powered by hydroelectricity the more energy efficient we can be the better.

The yoga rooms are silent spaces and mobile phone free zones. Please lower your voice to allow everyone a moment of calm before and after practice should they need it.

If you want to catch up with friends or check your messages before the class, you are more than welcome to do that in the foyer area.


While you build a relationship with your practise, cultivate one with the group around you too. You are not here alone.

Meillä on yhteinen tavoite positiivisen ja turvallisemman yhteisön rakentamiseen koulussa. Tämä tarkoittaa jokaisen kohdalla vastuun ottamista siitä, miten puhut ihmisille ja ihmisistä. Se tarkoittaa myös negatiivisen käytöksen käsittelemistä, jos sellaista huomaat.

Jos näet aloittelijan, joka ei tiedä minne mennä, voit varmasti neuvoa ja auttaa. On myös ok aloittelijana kysyä neuvoa mihin mennä ja mitä tehdä. Olemme kaikki olleet joskus ensimmäistä kertaa joogatunnilla eikä ole olemassa huonoa tai tyhmää kysymystä.

If you have a suggestion, let us know. If you have feedback, ask about the many ways you can submit that to us. We discuss everything in our meetings and all your opinions matter to us.

If you are a new student, do also read THE GUIDE FOR FIRST TIME