Original Hot

90 minute heated class. The 26 postures of the Original Hot Yoga sequence are always in the same order. There is a standing series, a floor series and a breathing exercise in the beginning and in the end.

Familiar sequence is easy to follow and you always know how the class will unfold. The series will help you to build balance, mobility and coordination skills and is perfect for all level of practitioners, including beginners.

It might take a few visits to get used to exercising in the heat, but regular practice makes the heat a friend rather than a challenge.

Short Hot

We have a few hour long hot classes


This is the same series as the 60 minute class. Depending on the students and teacher the asanas are done once or twice with the same logic of pauses in between than we do in the long classes - or we might play with sequencing the together as is more of a custom in the other classes of our tradition.


”to travel around with a sense of curiosity; purposeful roaming”

Rove brings more variation to the hot classes. This class combines the elements of traditional hot yoga with the opportunity to explore new dimensions in your practice! In addition to the classic asanas, there are options and variations available to expand your asana skills. The practice progresses at a slow and considered pace.


Comfortably warm class drawing from the full tradition, and some other core strength and mobility exercises.

Roots has been designer to be extremely beginner friendly and a good fit for anyone who, as the name suggests, would like to build a steady foundation for strenght, mobility and balance.

This is a class we have taught both online over covid to all our friends and at the library balcony for summer yoga for everyone and we are so happy to give it a more permanent home at the studio.

Class is warm, not hot.


This 90 minute heated class still features all of the asanas you already know but we also build on that foundation to practise new skills and new asanas from the wider tradition.

We learn new things in stages and at the level that suits you, so you can come to this class as soon as you feel like you do not need detailed instruction to practice the beginner class asanas.

The intermediate skills required for this class are some awareness of your own abilities so you know what to try and what to pass, and patience for yourself and your practice as you are learning new things. The teacher will always have variations and modifications to help you.

This class was originally developed to bridge the gap from the beginner class to the 84 Asanas, which traditionally was quite a wide river to cross. Our version of this class is based on the Esak Garcia E84 Intermediate series.

84 Asanaa

This two hour joy of communal yoga practice is a set sequence of the over 100 possible postures of our tradition. Also called The Advanced Class traditionally, it holds a lot of new asana skills the beginner class does not, like for example arms balances, inversions and deeper backbends.

Doing a two hour yoga practice while being aware of your own body’s limits and possibilities can be an amazing way to dig deeper into your own practice. Questions are allowed and sharing a practise as a community is of course important to us all.

However, we recommend you already have a solid practice of the 26 posture sequence (or some other disciplined yoga practice) as those postures feature here but are not taught in detail.

The skills that you gain in the beginner classes regarding using your strength and flexibility in a mindful way- as well as understanding your own abilities will keep you safe and happy here.

Class is warm, not hot.


One of the original goals of asana practise was to enable the yogi to sit still in meditation. Today of course we practise for various reasons - for exercise, for stretching, for low-impact exercise recovery or moving meditation. There is no one reason to yoga.

You might find however that asana practice quite naturally leads to interest in your breathing and that in turn can spark curiosity for mindfulness and meditation.

Pranayma, which is different breathing techniques and practises, and meditation can help to bring attention to how you breath, how your mind is and how your body feels in any moment. We have classes from lunchtime meditation to weekend long workshops.

Warrior Training

Warrior Training is a method developed by Scott Erikson where asana based isometric strength training and long yin-style stretches alternate through the class. The strenght of the series is in its simplicity. Everyone can do this within the limits of their own body.

This practise is easy to start even if you did not know a thing about yoga. For those who are already familiar with the warrior pose and Kalkutta tradition, there is a lot you will recognise but the approach is brand new.

We are proudly the first school in Europe bringing this to a weekly schedule!


Hot Pilates is heated to little over 30C. The goal is to strenghten the deep core muscles, increase physical coordination and develop stability. The heat will raise the heart beat offering a little extra challenge to the practice. Anyone who is ok practicing in the heat is welcome to this class!


Vinyasa on suhteellisen moderni joogatyyli jolle on ominaista se, että asennoista toiseen liikutaan sujuvasti väliliikkeiden eli vinyasojen ja hengityksen rytmin kautta. Liikkeestä toiseen virtaava harjoitus rakentaa voimaa sekä harjoittaa kehon liikkuvuutta ja hallintaa.


The slow and long - from 3 to 6 minutes - asanas of yin will help to open the connective tissues of the body. This class is a great compliment and contrast to the more dynamic classes. The long holds allow space for calming down and exploring your breath, mind and body .

This class is not heated.

Would you like to teach for us?

We would love to hear from new teachers, not just for hot classes, but any yoga and pilates that fits our school or schedule. We are happy to facilititate lectures, events and workshops too. If you are a traveling teacher who can legally work in EU, we would love to hear from you too.

Get in touch and we can talk more!