We are a modern hot yoga school, following the Kolkata tradition as it has evolved in India and then the West. We focus on asana practice and meditation.

Modern yoga school at Hakaniemi, Helsinki with principles of sustainability, community and wellbeing of everyone at its core. A school where it is easy to come to. Following our own tradition, yet open to evolving ideas. That is what we are building the best that we can.

We follow the yoga style that came out of Kalkutta, the way it was first developing in India and later in the West. We have an interest and respect to history and philosophy of yoga but are not a faith-based school.


While her first love was ashtanga, Minttu found hot yoga while trying to rehabilitate years of persistent injuries from misalignment created by carrying heavy film cameras around.

She graduated from a Bikram Teacher Training nearly a decade ago and has completed the Advanced Teacher Training with Esak Garcia in 2017. She has taught hot yoga in its various forms in 29 studios across five continents and has traveled doing films, photography and yoga extensively attending various long trainings, retreats and yoga festivals over the years.

Minttu truly believes yoga is for everyone regardless of ability and teaches hot classes across the range from foundations to the full two hour 84 Asana Class. She also teaches pranayama and meditation, private classes and small groups.

According to the student feedback her classes are easily approachable for yogis of all levels. The love for the practice and the vast experience as a teacher is tangible throughout her class.

Minttu is the co-owner of the school.


Anna has been teaching both dynamic and gentle yoga styles from 2018. In addition to hot yoga she teaches yin and vinyasa.

For Anna it is important to create a safe atmosphere for each class so that everyone can do their practice at the level they happen to be at. As a teacher she gets excited about seeing her students progress and gain confidence in challenging themselves in their practise.


Milena’s career as a flamenco teacher and dancer has lasted over 30 years. She found yoga in her twenties, but fell in love with it when she started to really feel the repetitive strain injuries and osteoarthritis while dancing. 

Asanas found themselves to the warm-ups of her dance classes and sometimes to the choreographies too. 

Milena did her first teacher training with Yoga Nordic and is currently studying another 250-hours at Roots Helsinki. 

Yoga practise is part of her daily routine, without a moving start to the day the evening flamenco classes would not be happening.

 Yin yoga balances the energetic and loud flamenco and it has become Milena’s strength to teach. Milena’s classes are calm, gentle and with a sense of humour. She is encouraging and respectful of every student.

In addition to flamenco and yoga, she designs her own “Hippakorut” jewellery line. 


Antti’s own yoga practice is rooted in over a decade of Ashtanga Vinyasa. He graduated from Esak Garcia’s Advanced Teacher Training from Bali in 2018 and teaches from the full Kalkutta tradition of 84 asanas.

Students tell us his teaching style is calm with a sense of humour and his wide experience in yoga shines through the teaching. They love his ability to teach, share and tirelessly remind them about the grounding principles of bandhas, alignment and breath.

Lead software engineer by day, if not at work or at the yoga studio Antti will be running, climbing or swimming in an ice hole somewhere.

Antti teaches the full variety of our hot classes and can do private groups and classes too.



Linda started teaching group exercise classes in 2002 and has since made a career out of teaching. They started teaching pilates in 2008 and have completed two long pilates teacher trainings at the Somatic Studio. Pilates for Linda is a way to allow the body to become as well-functioning as it can be.

They graduated from Hiyoga teacher training in Oslo in 2019, and a second training with Yoga Nordic in 2020. Yoga for them is a chance to learn to live in the moment and to listen to one's own body. Their favourite kind of yoga is for "stiffies" meaning the kind of practise where the asanas can be modified to fit any body.

Linda is a trained massage therapist and currently studies to become a physiotherapist at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. They teach pilates as well as hatha, vinyasa and yin yoga and can guide private classes for individuals and companies. You can come to Linda's class exactly as you are at any given moment of your life.


Galina (Guest Teacher)

Visiting 17-26.6.

Galina is visiting us from Munich for the end of June. She took her first original hot class while living in Tokyo in 2013 and fell in love with the practise – the h eat, the discipline, the postures, the energy, the community, the sensations after the class.

After her bikram teacher training she has also completed the e84 Intermediate teacher training and can lead vinyasa classes too.

In her own words: ”
This is the only thing in the world which brings me a pure bliss, has saved me so many times, keeps me growing and makes me become more aware of who I am and what I do. 

As a yoga teacher, seeing how others become healthier, happier, how they deepen their practice over time is incredibly satisfying. It’s a special feeling of fulfillment which I can hardly describe. 

I am very much looking forward to seeing you all in the hot room!!”


Niilo brings the business expertise with him as the co-owner and our main investor. He has 20 years of business experience including start-ups in creative and game industries

Current CTO of Wolt, loving dad to two excellent cats and passionate about yoga - Niilo has first hand experience in managing all that high pressure work brings - as well as chronic injuries - through hot yoga practice.

He found yoga while looking for ways to heal his broken back, and has discovered it to be the best help for relieving the symptoms of overtight muscles and bad balance caused by nerve damage. While he has tried yin (with gin) and flow to heavy metal, he found the hot yoga practice the most beneficial.

He finds that yoga provides an essential counterpoint to the chaos of high stress work with stillness and focus, simply being in the moment and space you occupy. After 6+ years of practice his balance is better, back happier and mind calmer.

We share an idea of a school that focuses on the proven physical and mental benefits of yoga and are excited to be building a yoga home for all!



For Ana, yoga is her passion, work and a healing too. She took her first class while searching for a way to heal her body and mind after a big car accident, and has dedicated the last 15 years for study and teaching of yoga.

Her first certification was in Nepal where she lived for 4 months in an ashram studying hatha and meditation, and has since studied hatha, flow yoga and hot yoga as well. She has lived in 12 countries and traveled many more as a teacher. She leads retreats regularly and has supported hot yoga teacher trainings as staff.

Ana has studied organizational psychology in university of Monterrey in Mexico and also works as a personal coach. Having married a Finn, she now calls Finland home. On her freetime you can find her doing yoga, dancing or spending time with her daughter

Mirja (Guest Teacher)

Mirja is currently teaching in Arizona but visits Helsinki and Yoga HEL in July and August!

Mirja found yoga through illness. Because of severe rheumatoid arthritis the Original Hot -sequence was almost the only thing she was able to do. Yoga has given her immeasurably valuable support for living with arthiritis and the desire to share the method gave her the inspiration to teach.

Mirja visited her first class in 2004 and became a teacher in 2008. Her other career is in nursing but having spent years working in acute care, she now wants to focus on how to support health and wellbeing, and how to live the best life despite of illness.