Past Events

Warrior Training

20-28th April 2024
with Scott Eriksson

About the training

In April Scott Erikson will visit Yoga HEL for a special 9-day affair to introduce and share his Warrior Training method with us.

The Warrior Training is a new style of physical exercise for developing strength using yoga asanas and the power of the mind instead of weights or machines. The skills you develop here will transfer directly to your other classes making your yoga practice stronger with more power, stamina, endurance, flexibility, and balance.

Warrior Training is open to all ages, all levels, and all abilities. You do not need to have a yoga background either in order to join us!

The workshop is warm, not hot.

You can find out more at

About Scott

Scott Erickson has been practicing yoga for 15 years. His knowledge of mind-body exercise started as a young child through the mental and physical discipline of martial arts. With martial arts as a solid foundation, Scott’s subsequent shift into yoga was a natural progression.

Today, Scott is a world-renowned yoga and fitness professional and the founder of Warrior Training, a psychophysical training method (mind-body exercise system) that leverages yoga asana in the pursuit of strength and muscular development. He currently facilitates Warrior Training workshops and events around the world.

In addition to yoga and Warrior Training, Scott has written and published several books for both children and adults. His writing ranges from philosophy and self-help to poetry and children’s picture books. His most recent book, Warrior Training Illustrated: A Practical Guide to Asana-Based Strength Training is available at the school shop.

Posture Workshop

30-31st March 2024
with Jasmine Nash


During these unheated workshops, we will take a close look at foundational techniques for the 26&2 sequence. With consistent application, these techniques have the ability to transform our practice! Participants will have the chance to try techniques, see demos, ask questions, and immediately apply the ideas in the classes after the workshop. Appropriate and useful for all levels. 

Jasmine has been teaching for 11 years in 30+ countries. She leads trainings for e84 Yoga and Jedi Fight Club, and loves to work with both teachers-to be and yogis who want to dive into their personal practice. Jasmine competed for many years and is the 2019-21 Canadian champion. She travels most of the year for yoga trainings and events.

N.B. The workshop section will be unheated, so bring appropriate clothes like woolly socks if you think you need them. You can also bring a notepad and pen if you want to make notes.